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Border Collie Sable Merle Color Cachorros en Venta.

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el Border Collie, enfermedades geneticas, deporte, necesidades, como comprar. This site was designed with the Wix website builder. Create your website today. Start Now. Sable Merle. Lilac Merle. Lilac. Blue/Pizarra. Slate Merle. Ee-red/Rojo Australiano. A merle pattern will create merle puppies, but a non-merle Border Collie without the gene, will not spontaneously throw merled puppies. 3. Health issues are riskier with merles Double Merles Every now and then, two merles both carrying the merle gene mate, and when two merles mate, they have a 25% chance of producing a double merle puppy. Dicho esto, no estoy segura de por qué la gente piensa que más oscuro = a mejor. En mi experiencia los Border Collie red más pálidos tienden a tener mejor pigmentación en la trufa y el borde del ojo. Lo mismo ocurre con los Border Collie chocolate, no hay una. One thing I noticed about Storm is that every one of her merle pups has been harlequin. You can tell when a merle pup has the harlequin gene because the sable merles have white mixed in with their body color, and the blue merles have most or all of the blue merle replaced with white--resulting in a collie that is mostly black and white spotted. Les différentes robes des borders collies. Comme vous avez pu le lire dans le standard FCI du border collie, toutes les couleurs sont admises mais le blanc ne doit jamais dominer. Si vous voulez avoir plus d’info sur le chien dont la photo est mise ci-dessous, cliquez sur la vignette.

Parlons race: Le border collie est un chien très actif qui a besoin de bouger mais surtout de travailler mentalement. C'est un chien extrêmement intelligent qui ne demande qu'à apprendre si vous lui en donnez l'occasion. Please Note - All text and images on this website are copyright to Bryning Border Collies unless otherwise stated and may not be distributed or reproduced without permission While everybody usually thinks of the border collie as being black and white they do come in quite a wide variety of coat colours as you will see from our own dogs. .mx. Criadores de Border Collie, comprobando la inteligencia, versatilidad, e intensidad de la raza, donde hemos tenido oportunidad de trabajar con ellos en Agility, Obediencia, Fantas as, freesbe y pastoreo; nos hemos dedicado a seleccionar solo los mejores Border Collies de M xico y otros pa ses para ofrecer a nuestros.

Revlis, the Sable Merle Border Collie. 65 likes. Athlete. He should also be socialized at an early age to help him adapt seamlessly to new situations and people. Blue Merle Border Collie Health. As we touched on briefly above, it is true that the color of your blue merle Border Collie could have implications on his health.

Los Border Collie que no son cruces de dos merles son HeterocigotosMm es decir, tiene un alelo que es merle y otro alelo de otro color mientras que los Border Collie doble merle son Homocigotos mm es decir, tienen los dos alelos iguales y los dos portan el color merle que como ambos diluyen el color orginal produce falta de melanina, que. The Blue Merle Border Collies provided by Rising Sun Farm are world class dogs that have gained international recognition for their performance. Call now 612-270-6890.

The Blue Merle Border Collie5 Things You Didn't.

Merle / Blue / Merle – Tricolor. El Merle es un gen dominante. Sólo necesita una copia del gen, para que el Border Collie tenga este gen. Sin embargo, si el gen no se manifiesta, no podrán heredarlo sus hijos, porque no lo tendrán. Este tipo de pelaje se manifiesta sobre el pelo marrón, causando grados de dilución del color. Collie colours and genetics. Rough and smooth collie standard recognizes three colours: Sable stands for any shade of light gold to rich mahogany or dark shaded red. Tricolour is predominantly black with tan markings on legs and head. Blue Merle is clear, silvery blue, splashed and marbled with. In Canada, any base colour of Border Collie is allowed, and in the show ring all colours should be judged equally. The structure and movement of the dog is by far of greater importance then the colour of the coat. The only colour/marking NOT ALLOWED is white that predominates the dogs coat. In other words, a dog CAN NOT BE OVER 50% WHITE. Lo del azul mirlo pasa en todas las razas, es cosa del gen de este color, no de la raza en sí, por lo que si cruzas un border merle con, por ejemplo, un carea leonés merle, o 2 mestizos merle, pues te encuentras los mismos problemas, o esto tengo entendido yo. Denunciar mensaje Citar.

O Sable merle é quando se junta os genes para preto e branco BB/Bb, Sable AyAy e kk e Merle Mm. É preciso ter muita atenção quando nascem sable filhos de merle, pois mesmo quando nascem com as manchas características da pelagem, essas tendem a desaparecer, tornando o border um "merle fantasma". Tannin Border Collies - Box 152, Long Grove, Iowa 52756 - Rated 4.7 based on 18 Reviews "We adopted "Ziggy", who now is known as Barkley, from the latest. El Border Collie es una raza de perro de trabajo incluido dentro de la denominación Collie. La raza surgió en la frontera entre Escocia e Inglaterra como perro pastor, sobre todo para trabajar con rebaños de ovejas. Comprar border collie online es llevar contigo un perro curioso por naturaleza. Tamaño medio, sociable con personas y animales. Slate Merle Border Collie source. Slate merles have the coat colors white, black, and blue diluted. They’re more evident as they are way lighter than blue merles. Sable Merle Border Collie source. This shade is a combination of a sable Border Collie with another that has the merle gene. Border collie bitch available,roo is a bitch we bred and retained to train on as a working dog,she is showing little sign of wanting to work so we are offering her for sale,she is a smallish smooth coated tri-colour girl with a lovely nature,both her parents are here to be seen along with.

Alfenloch Collie puppies, Ontario, Canada 2020 Collie puppies in sable, sable merle, blue merle, tricolor Collie puppies - Alfenloch Rough Collie puppies - Alfenloch Rough Collies. 25/08/2012 · A little video called " Dukies Dream ". Movie and music played by my husband Btcharlie.

  1. Blue Merle. El border collie blue merle es un animal fascinante realmente apreciado por los aficionados a esta raza. El nombre blue merle o azul mirlo hace referencia al.
  2. Comprar Border Collie Sable. Si estás buscando un border collie sable en venta para comprar online en páginas de anuncios clasificados como milanuncios te recomendamos que vayas con cuidado, porque en caso de que suceda algo con el cachorro ahí no tendrás.
  3. En esta sección mostramos los colores -colores de capa- más frecuentes en los Border Collie, cuyo pelaje puede mostrar tonalidades muy variadas, desde el blanco y negro hasta el red merle, o mirlo rojo, pasando por el azul, el azul mirlo, el marrón-chocolate, o combinaciones y variaciones de éstos.
  4. Sable merles are easier as you can usually tell that a sable is merle at birth, with ee reds it is virtually impossible. It is therefore important that all sable merles are catalogued at birth and all ee reds are tested for merle using a genetic testing site and the recorded. Extreme White Spotting/Piebald High white dogs can be prone to deafness.

Harlequin Collies - Romanycollies.

Here is Teg, she is a female border collie who has lots of character but due to teg not showing enough interest in sheep that's why she is up for sale. Teg is a sable merle which is a highly rare colour for border collies and has half a blue eye. She lives indoors, great with kids and other dogs. Would like her to go to a pet home. £200 ono. One thing’s for sure, it’s something beautiful. There are Border Collies that have a lilac merle, lilac tricolor, and lilac tricolor merle. Being rare, this color is harder to breed. Sable Border Collie. Sable Borders have fur that’s tan- or cream-colored and darker tips. The Merle Probably the least common of the Border Collie colors or color patterns is the merle. Merle is a dilution of overall body color--black or red--with streaks or splotches of darker color. If the basic color of the dog is black, the merle version will be a soft gray, often referred to as "blue"; if the dog is red, the merle will be a. Color: The most common colors of Border Collies are black & white and red & white. Other colors include sable & white, yellow & white, blue merle, sable, red merle and tri-color. While a black and white bi-color is the most common color, the breed standards for their coat colors are unusually broad. Please visit these pages to learn more about our Border Collies and their offspring. Our Border Collie Girls page – Meet our current and upcoming border collie girls here. Our Border Collie Boys page – Meet our Border Collie boys here. Retired Border Collies page– Check out some our border collies.

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